My Heart – Poem By Privilege

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December 19, 2018
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December 21, 2018
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My Heart – Poem By Privilege

My Heart – Poem

Poem by : Priviledge Marumisa

My heart,
cries in thousand voices, thousand voices littered with nothing but hurt.

My heart,
pure as the river goddess weeps blood and stores tears for another mighty occasion .

My heart,
stubborn and innocent yearns for another queen’s king.

Though my heart is promise love,
sorrow it gets,
Like a curse sent by nemesis pain and empty wishes is all love has to offer me .

I hide ,
i run,
Yet My heart still remains vulnerable to pain and anguish,
I ask my heart,
“Why do you shake when winced at, don’t you see ‘love’ got the bullets to make you meet your ancestors ?”,
still my heart remains admant enough to swim where crocodiles harvest and feast .

Now my life’s gears only reproduce more hurt ,
more anguish.

Love is all that keeps my heart tossing and turning,
my mouth dry,
my eyes dripping blood,
my moments deranged horses and my life nothing but an empty potatoe sack.

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