Because I Am A Man.

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May 19, 2018
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May 19, 2018
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Because I Am A Man.

By Cto Banks

I am one of the men out there who have had enough of the “Man” talk, the man talk l mean is when people around you get to say “Because you are a man, be a man, are you a man? That’s being man”.


Because I am a man but obviously not a typical one l am now fed up of that type of talk.

Because l am a man l should never cry, l should never show my tears, yes l am a man but what you forget the most is that am also human, and because am human l have emotions and I believe sometimes to do away with pain one has to just to let tears out and release it all. Most people judge but they don’t know the depth of my pain.


Because I am a man l am told not to be emotional, if l wasn’t meant to be emotional why would God even put emotions in me?

Because l am a man they say l never cheat for love. They say l am a man and its in a man’s nature to cheat! like really? Although I am a man l cheat for love too simply because am not satisfied.

A woman can cheat and say l cheated for love because my spouse did not satisfy me in bed or he did not cater for my financial needs. Women can practically get away with anything and say l cheated because he didn’t treat me right and she’s forgiven.


I am expected to be the strongest of them all because I am a man but what if I am just weak? Sometimes its not that I am weak but the situation might be too strong for me. Believe me, it is our weaknesses that make us human.


But because she is a woman she can say l cant because l am a woman and you have to do it because you are the man.


Because I am a man l have noticed something, if it wasn’t for some men who thought were men our prisons wouldn’t be so over populated. Prisons are populated with men who either thought or knew that they were men, they tucked away their emotions and all the other feelings men are not expected to have and in the end they became numb. They had the guts to steal, rape and even worse to kill. Believe it or not emotions make us human. Denying ourselves feelings is like denying ourselves our humanity.


If they still had that human side that allows them to be weak, soft and emotional they wouldn’t have done all the inhuman things they did. Because l know their emotions wouldn’t let them hurt someone in that way. Our emotions connect us with our conscience.


Because l am a man am supposed to be the oldest in a relationship like seriously? l thought love knew no age, I thought love knows no boundaries, l thought love is love , I thought love is care and love is blind.


Because l am a man,am supposed to be financially stable always especially in a relationship and because l am a man, am supposed to be the one who provides for my spouse  financially.

But because she is a woman she is said never to spoil me, or take care of me because its not her duty to do so.


Because l am a man when l marry and have kids am not supposed to stay home all day. I am supposed to go to work and support the family  financially and because l am a man l can’t stay home and let the wife go to work and be the one who takes care of the family. But the women are crying for gender equality and shouldn’t tables have changed by now?


Because l am a man l have been ignored and neglected in the community it’s like l am invisible to them. All l hear is Girl Child Network, Girl Child Foundation, Girl Child this , but what about us the boys (men), we no longer mean anything to them? And we can never be a victim of what you protecting the girl child from? Is that it?

Because she is a woman she is protected from all angles rape,child abuse and even sexual harassment but because l am a man l don’t get that.


Because l am a man, am laughed at and ridicules. Who would believe me when l say am raped ? Even when l report it to the police station they don’t believe that I was raped by a woman. They say because l am a man l should have over powered her, because l am a man and men love sex more , and  am lying that l got raped, they forget that other parts of me can even go off against my will. I wouldn’t be the first to have an involuntary erection, but then still who would believe such?

But just because she is a woman even if l accidentally touch her breast and she reports that I touched her l will be arrested and locked in prison for a long time  because l am a man. I bet the could even lock me and through away the key.


Because l am a man l work all my life to get all the things l have i.e cars, houses etc, but when l divorce my wife she is said to have half or in some cases most of it why? Simply because she is a woman and l can’t leave her with nothing? But all these things are my blood, sweat and tears. l am the one who woke up every morning at 6 o’clock to go to work while l left her in bed sleeping because she is a woman.


Because l  am a man, am going to get roasted for writing this article and some are even going to say “He is not a man, how can a man write that?”

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