Bilaail’s ‘Reflective Hate’ Single Review

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July 6, 2018
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July 19, 2018
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Bilaail’s ‘Reflective Hate’ Single Review


  • By CtO Banks
  • Honestly speaking calling this guy a lyrical genius is just an understatement, because he is more than that believe me!!!.
  • The first time l listened to his new track titled ‘Reflective Hate,’ l was tongue tied, left out of words, you gotta understand something when l listen to a particular rapper they are certain things l look for or be looking for, and they are lyricism and the ability to make me relate to their story or stories. Well with Bilaail here l just get it all in one place.
  • Firstly its the sad love story type of beat he used that got my attention, and you know whats funny l asked him who made it and he said he got the beat from the internet. If you are a true hip hop fan who judges artists by their words and delivery this artist will make you doubt your favourite rapper, believe that.
  • The delivery, the flow, and the word-play is just terrific, l truly have no words to describe what l felt or feel each time l listen to the track, but l urge you listen to it, if you can’t get it online take my number and l will send it to you, and tell me what you feel afterwards.
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  • Currently he is working on a couple of singles and his E.P ‘Tongue Of Eloquence’ is still in the making and Insider263 Mag will let you know when it drops.
  • This track is inspired by the current world we are living in, he sees so many biblical references that are hitting the earth and as a conscious rapper, his mind was alert to tackle those situations or counterparts.The inner depression and the anger that grows inside him when he sees how the world operates.
  • “It impregnates my heart and makes it feel like am in labour,the pain in my heart is like the labour of delivering. When I brainstorm about souls suffering trying to endure to the end,I feel like am being consumed by so much pain, then I get to understand that am in it, and I live in the world being described by the lyrics. Each verse strikes like iron on my head, causing a convulsion in my eyes which makes me blind to the world around me. I suffer more thnking how could I be expected to live in a world thats filled with so much fear and torment.In this song am trying to define what it means to be a black man in this continent. Being at your place but feeling like a vilian, having all the space but owning non of it. Living in a world of self centeredness and non forgiving hearts,” said Bilaail.
  • ” I prefer sharing my inner affection and shade light to the dark,unlike some rappers who still talk about Kinging, women n booze,I don’t cling for power or demand respect, I just wanna bring life to this music,” he added.
  • To get this track visit the link below
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