Captain Mc ‘Kababe Kangu Kambama’ Review

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Captain Mc ‘Kababe Kangu Kambama’ Review

_Captain Mc – Kababy Kangu Kambama Track Review




By CtO Banks



Milton Chihuri also known as Captain Mc is an upcoming artist from the suburbs called Borrowdale in Harare.



He recently released an Album titled ‘Truth’ and it came out this year, the album consists of 12 tracks.



The album is going for one dollar a cd and to get it take my whatsapp number.



He is also set to release new singles which are titled Dzimurayi Moto,Mukadzi wandakaroora and Ngairohwe Ngoma.




The track ‘Kababe Kangu Kambama’ was inspired by a beautiful lady with “wife material” qualities.


Captain Mc is one of the few artists who believe in making it by just singing in their native mother languages. And personally l got to say its a noble and acceptable strategy too, because using your native mother language as an artist and in Zimbabwe means you already have quite a huge number of people who are going to listen to work and most probably relate to it, because they know what you are saying word, by word.



The track ‘Kababe Kangu Kambama’ talks about a guy (Captain Mc), who is deeply in love with his new girlfriend, and he is thinking about marrying her, so in the story he truly elucidates how he feels about her, talks about where she comes from and how they met, and also what he sees when he looks at her.




“My inspiration as an artist comes from Kendrick Lamar because of his meaningful lyrics, but back here in Zim it comes from Winky D himself due to the way he does what he does on stage,” said Captain Mc.



The single just consists of two verses and all of them are in vernacular. The track was produced by Trissy. Currently Captain Mc is working on a single titled ‘Vavengi Vangu,’ in English it means ‘My Haters’.



To download or listen to the track ‘Kababe kangu kambama’ visit the link below




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