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August 31, 2018
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September 3, 2018
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Rise Up Zim Artists By Leeproff Dreammakers

Rise Up Zim Artist (Part 2)

Story By LeeProff DreamMakers

I have once talked of the faults that are in need of being solved in the Arts industry by Artists, but the response from many artists who saw the post was, “WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM THAT IS ON THE GROUND?”

At one point I asked myself, what is the best response that I should give as the answer for the question which many have.

Well here is my response; do not let challenges be the wall separating you from your destiny. Rather know that, “THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY ROUND”. You only have to pay much attention to what you want and try getting out of your comfort zone. Put much work on the marketing side that you can handle yourself rather than to wait for something that you know you aren’t gonna find at this pleasant moment. In other words, you can manage your own works in a way you can afford. It’s only a matter of knowing the right steps to take, learning from those who are doing it or attending seminars.

Some artists have a tendency of working on new projects yet the previous one didn’t have much market or publicity and at the same time they will be blaming the radio DJs or TV Presenters for sabotaging them on the air plays. So, is Radio Stations/TV Stations the only way you have for marketing your stuff?
Yes they may play a big role on marketing but don’t let your thoughts stuck on that, because you can also come up with something bigger than that and better than that as well, all you need to do is to broaden up your way of thinking. Don’t be afraid of executing something new, something that has never been done by anyone before. Aim high and look for ways of tackling that idea of getting to the top, don’t just let it be a thought, live it!

The only thing that stops many artists to get to where they wish to be is that they always expect things to be done for them. They hate to work for their art. Isn’t this laziness?
Yes you may say you can’t do it all alone, so if you don’t have that person to help you with that. Why do you have to do it in the first place if you can’t do it alone. An artist must be flexible to do anything #CREATING SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, NOW THAT’S BEING ARTISTIC. It doesn’t mean if your plan failed once, it will never work. Which ways have you tried to give your art to the people in the rightful way that have failed. Sit down and survey why it failed, what you need to do, where you have to go, whom you have to meet, how you are to get to that person, how you are to arrange the meeting with that specific person.

It is better to use the money you spend on new projects on the budget you will be in need for marketing your art. Don’t let your projects just go down in the drain just like that because of failed plans. Create much hype for your projects to the people you are targeting as your fans. Look for ways of how you can hype your art by approaching or sharing that project you are hyping with whom you think can be of good help on hyping it (newspapers, blogs…….) but on the other hand, a point to note is that fellow artists aren’t your fans.
Be a good listener, always know you can never stop learning in any field you are in no matter how good you may be (#takeout all the pride in yourself and be humble). Ask where you don’t know, help where there is need to do so, your breakthrough might be from that person you least expect #thats life
Treat every person you meet with love. I tell you, you won’t regret doing so #Let Love Lead

Spend much time looking for ideas even ways to crack the deals you want, some of the ideas you can’t get them because you don’t give yourself time to explore, time to learn from those who are at the top. Attend functions and get to know how they are grinding it, how they are presenting their art to the people, don’t attend a function just for the fun of it, but attend to learn and take the good things you have seen in it and improve their ideas in your own way and come up with something unique, this all comes with a heart of a person who knows where he/she wants to be.
How do you see yourself in the next 2 years?
What are you doing for you to be where you see yourself in the next 2 years?
You need to get out of that comfort zone, because in the end YOU will see that YOU have been holding YOURSELF back because of YOUR LAZINESS, yeah I call that LAZINESS.
5 or more years working on new projects one after another yet you are still calling yourself an upcoming artist. Why aren’t there any improvements on that?

My BROTHER, my SISTER, YOU really have to RISE UP.

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