My Son Saved My Marriage Story By Leeproff

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September 6, 2018
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My Son Saved My Marriage Story By Leeproff

My Son Saved My Marriage| Mrs Olofen Ogayo


Story By LeeProff DreamMakers





Each time i Iook at my son I always thank God for speaking to him. My marriage was collapsing and dying and I didn’t care.


One night I told my husband, “even if you divorce me today, don’t think I can suffer, I will still live a very good life than the one I have lived in this marriage for 23years.”


I turned, my husband started to beg me for all the time he did me wrong. When ever he made mistake he would appologise to me and cry for forgiveness, but I just never cared. I would stop making love to him each time we differed and spend nights and weeks without talking to him. At that time FOR ME it was normal.


One day my 20year Old son changed everything. He called me to his room and said, “mummy I will be going to see grandmother for I have not seen her because of my studies, but i have one thing I want to share with you.

Why do you mistreat Dad so much. Me as a first child i have seen how you have treated him in his own house. When I was young I thought Dad was always wrong, but at my age I now see that its you who have a problem. Having a better Job than him does not mean you stop submitting to him. Dad is human just like everyone who can make mistakes but the most important thing is forgiveness when he ask. Imagine if God refuses to forgive us, what would happen? Definitely no relationship with him. When did you last cook a meal for Dad, when did you wash dads clothes, when did you appreciate the little efforts he do, when did you last welcome him as your husband home, when did you respect him as your husband and head of this house. Mum to you bitterness has become your husband, you submit to it. Unforgiveness has become your adviser to kill your marriage. In his phone, Dad has always saved you as “MY WIFE”, but each time I check his number in your phone its saved by “HIS NAME” or “JUST A NUMBER WITHOUT A NAME”. I don’t know what else you tell your friends. You go to church every week but you don’t change. Does really God receive your prayers? Come to God with a pure heart. Mum am sorry to say that your pride has made dad do all the mistakes he has done. I have lent one thing from dad, “TO SAY SORRY WHEN ONE IS WRONG” am yet to learn something positive from you mum.”


I walked to my bedroom and cried just how my only son can talk like that. I realised I have been a bad wife and mother for 23years. I felt pain. When my husband retuned at home at 20:00hrs like always he smiled at me and said, “HI DEAR”. Then he called our son to prepare water for him to bath. He joined the kids in TV room and have all crazy jokes with them.

When all the children has slept, I woke him up and appologised and promised to start afresh and be a good wife.




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