Fundreezy’s ‘This Is Zimbabwe Remix’ Gets 3.4k Downloads In 4 Days

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September 11, 2018
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September 22, 2018
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Fundreezy’s ‘This Is Zimbabwe Remix’ Gets 3.4k Downloads In 4 Days

Fundreezy’s ‘This Is Zim Remix’ Hits 3.4k Downloads In The First Week.



By The Guest Writer



Some people thought they were going to see a new era, a new revolution, some people wanted the old one, the old regime, thus spark a new flame in our artists as l was browsing the internet l bumped into this track, titlted ‘Kuno KuZimbabwe’

by this underground artiste called ‘Fundreezy.’




What was truly amazing is that it had 3.400 downloads in the first 4days of being uploaded on the internet.



At first l thought its only hype so l checked it out. What actually caught my eye first the start was the artwork l saw ,it said a lot of things, and a story wanting to be heard.



So as any fan of music and a victim of curiosity I clicked download, l was actually amazed with what l heard. An outstanding sound even though l know the original track is from ‘Childish Gambino and its titled ‘This Is America’ this remix actually mesmerized me, not only the style he was using but the facts he was addressing about how we Zimbabweans are living, that ugly truth that we dont wanna hear or talk about.




The song talkes about the difference between us Zimbabweans and those in the diaspora , its actually funny ,controvesial and has that cutting edge spirit that peirced a lot of us Zimbo’s ,with lines like “akuita zvinhu ndidriver wekombi iwewe nedegree rako mese moshaya basa,” “ukanzwa tichiti we popping bottles panenge pachirohwa mabronco” hahaha “tipe USA tikupe bond paper” ikoko muri madoctor kuno tri mawhatsapp admin”.


I was actually shocked on how the artiste attacked the track, but howsoever the song is not political from my side of view l think its just real life situations bundled on a beat.

l think the future of Zim HipHop is in good hands because the next generation is turning the heat up, and keeping the fire burning.



You should check the song for yourself this is the link of the song




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