Love And Lust – Poem By Anesuh B. Mawarire

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November 28, 2018
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Love And Lust – Poem By Anesuh B. Mawarire

Love And Lust – Poem


By Anesu B. Mawarire.



Love the four letter word just like Lust

Lust the four letter word just like Love

Love and Lust coexist but are not related

We tend to confuse the two thinking they are two sides of the same coin


These two do not come from the same loin

There is a thin line between love and lust

LOVE  liberates

LUST deliberates


A few are able to distinguish the two

It is indeed a blessing and a curse to know their powers.


Those that know tend to misuse love and lust

They use reverse psychology to manipulate the other in the name of love yet seeking lustful gains

I respect the TRUTH.


And it is noble to tell me that you are in lust with me

Rather than lie that you are in love with me

Making me build castles in the air

Love and lust are both four letter words that either build cities or destroy nations.



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