Bilaail’s ‘Cry For You’ A True Art Of Rap

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December 19, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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Bilaail’s ‘Cry For You’ A True Art Of Rap

Bilaail’s ‘Cry For You’ A True Art Of Rap

By CtO Banks

Bulawayo’s based rapper Bilaail Mususa who just shortened his stage name to Bilaail has just dropped a new track and its a true art of rap, if you are a listener who is into real lyrics, and meditation this one is for you.

Bilaail’s new track is titled ‘Cry For You,’ the track was recorded at Black Snow Music, mixed and mastered by T-Lion. Bilaail says the song was inspired by the passing of his brother this year, he might drop something before the year ends, he is currently working on it.

“Here I laid down fear factors that might have led to this tragedy. Firstly I went in to expose what I would like to say “root causes”of the situation.
Just a month ago I lost a brother in S.A who was robbed and murdered,” said Bilaail.

“Basically this what happened, I will apply pivot points:
He was trying out for his family and also trying to make a living out there.We know for a fact that every story has a beginning and an end, On this case I’d like to first expose the root cause,

The situation in Zimbabwe pushed him to the brinks of life,(poverty, political chaos, economic depression, low educational standards and inadequate infrastructure).He moved to South Africa in hopes things will glitter and be able to assist the starving tummies back home.As a responsible man of the house he works tirelessly and feels obligated too.

Then comes the issue of exploitation of these foreigners as they work over hours for little wages and even do double shifts.They get sent home in the middle of the night without security but knowing perfectly well what awaits them in the streets, as South Africa has a high crime rate especially at night.From the little they earn, they need to save it for other various needs.
Every dog has its day, so he gets brutally robbed and murded in one of the corner store heading home from his work place.

This could be something possible, breathtaking and unexpected at the same time.
As I mentioned earlier about the situation in our nation,
The majority of our brothers and sisters are out there hustling to make ends meet, not forgetting to mention even our parents.
Some of the guys that leave Zimbabwe do not find work in South Africa, they end up being muggers in the streets because they got families to feed also.

When he approches the corner store, these robbers caught him napping. They attack him hoping to get whatever it is that he has.
There’s a probability that he tries to resist and break the circle of wagons.Its unfortunate they stab him in order to put him to bed in a pool of blood because he’s not co-operating with their demands.

Then the humanity part is underlined in the manner that these guys are supposed to be united and be each brother’s keeper since they all want to make a living and eat since they all come from the same country.There’s a sense that they become heartless in the manner that they don’t consider the pain that this guy goes through and the struggle he left behind,
We living in a ice cream corned world ,You never know who you meet in the streets,associate with, what am basically saying, we need to practice humanity, it doesn’t matter the race, gender, tribe or whatsoever.You might rob your mother, rape your sister, kidnap your cousin without being aware.The situation normally gets people astray and we lose our natural morals.
It is  also important to get families in touch regularly and parents should have a close eye on their children as well as their whereabouts and associates.
We both humans, One God. Lets nature life positively and be each brother’s keeper.

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