CtO Banks Top Ten Zim Hip Hop MVPs Of 2018

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January 14, 2019
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CtO Banks Top Ten Zim Hip Hop MVPs Of 2018

CtO Banks Top Ten Hip Hop MVPs Of 2018

By CtO Banks

2018 proved to be yet another great year for the Hip Hop community in Zim. We still clinging onto the hope that it will be one of the main stream genres in the country, especially given the things that revolved around Hip Hop in 2018, am talking about things like having a Zim Hip Hop stay at number one on the Zi Fm Top 40 Charts for months. And other things like having a main stream Dancehall artist (Winky D), record a hip hop track.

The year came to an end, and just like l did last year, l have to compile my top ten artists who l think did the most in 2018, and please note that the list is no particular order, and it’s based upon my own intellection.

I. Asaph


Asaph is from Byo, and he has been in the game for quite a while now, but he is breakthrough is 2018. He set the record by having his single ‘Mambo’ stay on Zi Fm Top 40 charts at number for months!. And he won quite a number of awards at Zim Hip Hop Awards 2018, all l can say is he deserved.


II. Takura


He really made a lot of noise in 2018, and that made him attain the name “King Of New School Hip Hop,” he released an album which was titled “Someone Had To Do It,” and the album had numerous hits, and received of street recognition and respect, we all know those matter. After some time he received ‘Jehovah’ and it was magical.


As for Mr Putiti l really don’t have much to say, numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard. He truly owned the 2018 scene, giving hit after hit, and am not forgetting that ‘Tseu Tseu,’ album that was something short of amazing.


IV. Crooger


He may be a new kid on the block, but he is truly something we should keep our ears and eyes out for. He dropped a single that shook the industry literally, with his unique sound, his single ‘Muteuro’ made a lot of noise. He later on released an album which was fairly received by the fans.


V. Natasha Muz

I wouldn’t dare make this and forget about her, especially given the work she did put in, in 2018 alone. She won Best Female of 2018 at Cmel Awards and Zim Hip Hop Awards too, but am not focused on the awards. Her single ‘Handisi Tsaga’ made a lot of impact, and gave hope to other female rappers, the track received fair air play on local radio stations. She later on released a sizzling video to it. Currently l think she is the most featured female rapper in Zim.


VI. Mariach

He was quite for a while, ever since whatever happened to their group (MMT). But he came and rocked the hip hop scene in 2018 with his single ‘Ngaanake’. But honestly his ‘Mzukuru,’ album was on fire for days. His track ‘Salisbury,’ which featured Jnr Brown made a lot of street noise, and his ‘Toda Mabasa’ which features Tinashe Makura had every unemployed youth relating to it, which just made it a terrific piece.


VII. Cal_Vin


He is the finest ever to come out from Bulawayo or Matabeleland if you may. In 2018 he came and rocked scenes, even though he said he was done with rapping, he released two albums Revenge Of The Vin and Nhliziyo which well received by the community. But he’s biggest shocker was that feature with Gigi Lamayne, it was just terrific .


VIII. Tanto Wavie.

Doing covers of Takura songs and tge controversy that revolved around after Takura removed Tanto’s song on YouTube might have made Tanto quite popular in 2018, but you gotta admit he was one of the most talked about and a made “some hits” from it. The remix he did to Takura’s Jehovah made a lot of noise both in the streets and on air, and getting the removed on air by Takura actually gave it more attention. He then responded with ‘Dang Number,’ which then just made him more popular and be one of the most played. He then won Best Upcoming Artist at Zim Hip Hop Awards.

IX. Mula Nation.

This group has been in the hip hop circles for quite a while now, and l believe it’s their uniqueness and creativity that gave them that street cred, that they have. In 2018 their single ‘Svoto’ stood out to be one of the amazing tracks, and am not forgetting their ‘Horror,’ track and video, especially the video redefined the culture of videos in Zim. The cinematography, concept and everything in fact had everyone talking about it, and made the video get quite a number of views.


X. Tronnix

It was just when Zimbabwe had a change in the govt, that he quickly dropped a single which was titled ‘Garwe Ngaridzokere Mumvura,’ and everyone actually thought it was Maskiri, but no, it was Tronnix. Whether you are a hip hop fan or not, you listened to the track whether you liked it or not. He had a follow up single which was titled ‘Takarambana’. It was actually a love story, which is actually inspired by true events from his life.

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