Lua Peris Kicks Off 2019 With Single ‘Ndizvo Here’

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Lua Peris Kicks Off 2019 With Single ‘Ndizvo Here’

Lua Peris Kicks Off 2019 With Single ‘Ndizvo Here’

By CtO Banks

Insider263’s own Loice Perekayi better known as Lua Peris has kicked off the calendar of 2019 with a brand new sizzling hot single track.

Lua’s new single is titled ‘Ndizvo Here’. The track was produced by Dwayne The Hit Maker in Gweru, as Lua Peris is currently doing her studies there, at Gweru Polytechnic.

“I really didnt vybe to those kindah songs, and I still dont, but when I heard this Apostolic song by Vabati VaJehovah titled ‘Vanhu Venyu’, I jus clicked with it somehow. The melody got stuck in my head, and Dwayne happened to hear hum the tune. It was quite a lazy that day, so he chose to flip it over and we had a joint growing from that.

Some would say I went Zangalewa again, but I dont mind. I like the idea actuallly coz thats how creative I am in a way. And as much as you enjoyed Zanga Zanga, youll definately vibe to this one as well,” said Lua Peris.

When l do song reviews l usually try and tell the reader a bit more information about the track, like what it talks about and stuff, some call it the “spoiler alert” routine but on this one, am so not going to do that. If you curious to know more about the track visit the link below.

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