Model Charles Mpofu Becomes Mr Fingers, And Says He Was Inspired By Former Mr Zimbabwe.

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Model Charles Mpofu Becomes Mr Fingers, And Says He Was Inspired By Former Mr Zimbabwe.

Model Charles Mpofu Becomes Mr Fingers, And Says He Was Inspired By Former Mr Zimbabwe.

By Tapiwa Rubaya

Charles Mpofu is a model aged 27, who began his modelling career in storm as he was ordained Mr Fingers last month (February), during the Fingers modelling agency graduation which was his first pageant competition.

The upcoming model tells us about his journey in the industry and he also reveals who inspires him in his journey and how he plans to follow the footsteps of his role model.

Q:Charles Mpofu can you tell us about yourself?
A:Charles Mpofu is a 27 year old gentleman, who is currently studying pharmaceticals at Bulawayo Polytechnic and also works at a coffee shop.

Q:How did your career in the modelling scene begin and what motivated you to pursue modelling?

A: At the beggining I was shy as i thought i will never manage to reach my dreams.
However people could view my frames and ask me if i was a model, then i thought, I should try modelling.
When I joined Fingers modelling agency i really started to enjoy modelling.

Q:You were part of the team that graduated at the recent Fingers Modelling graduation and you were also crowned Mr Fingers. Can you tell us more about the event?.

A:This was one of the biggest events l have took part in, as it was the same event not only i graduated from the Fingers modelling academy but also getting to be ordained Mr Fingers.
The event took place at Hope Center in Bulawayo and was attended by people from all works of life.

Q:Did you have any hint that you would be ordained Mr Fingers?

A:To be honest I was sure that I was going to win the competition for I had only told myself that I want to catwalk at the ramp and enjoy myself and yes I made it.

Q:Whose brand were you wearing and why did you choose that brand to dress you?

A:I was wearing the Brandroom brand and the main reason is that the guys have been there for sometime in the industry and they know what they are doing .Hence I placed all my trust in them.

Q:Since you took the title ‘Mr Fingers’ how has your life changed?

A:I can’t say it has changed but this has shown me that I have a bright future in the industry.

Q:When one looks at you there are a number of names that one can imagine as your inspiration, however who inspires you and how?
A:Former Mr Zimbabwe Shadel Noble is my inspiration and he graduated at Fingers also and he had the same title as mine which makes me feel that i might be walking torwads all his crowns in future ,which is really part of my dreams.

Q:In the modelling industry in the city of Bulawayo,what do you think most male models need to reach the international level?.

A:As male models what we need is being given exposure to showcase our talents. Hence we need shows.

Q:What are your future plans and where do you see your future?.

A:My future plans are contesting for Mr Bulawayo and to get involved into runways and fashion shows.

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