Cavin Madula aka White Guy From Binga Talks About New Tv Series, Modeling And More.

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Cavin Madula aka White Guy From Binga Talks About New Tv Series, Modeling And More.

Cavin Madula aka White Guy From Binga Talks About New Tv Series, Modeling And More.

By Tapiwa Rubaya


He is a multi talented artist who is gifted in modelling, an upcoming tv presenter and recently his fans had to discover one of his talents that’s being an actor.

Popularly known to many as the White Guy from Binga aka Calvin Madula has featured in a number of television movies and series in a few space of time since he ventured in the acting industry.

These include:Teenage Trail, The Envelope, Everybody’s Talking, Ezakomatshelela, Dlala Ngamla and Another Wedding.

His latest was featuring on a series/soapie ‘Hotel Khumalo‘ where he played the role of ‘Enzo’ the barman.

‘Hotel Khumalo’ is a fast paced unpredictable series, designed to be a platform for advertising and discussing pertinent issues such as social issues like teenage pregnancies and marital issues, infidelity, corruption, crime, human rights etc. With a very flexible plot, written in real time the soapie is one, that unlike most, it borrows from modern day film making techniques that demand the intense dedication in leaving room for new stuff.

Mr Madula said in his casting role Enzo, he has drawn a number of lessons to him personally.

The main one being, about TRUST -in that those whom one considers to be trustworthy are actually the architectures of your downfall.

When questioned about the rumour that he had thrown away his modelling career over acting.
Calvin dismissed the claim by admitting that he has placed much of his focus in acting however that does not give one the idea that he has closed the chapter of modelling in his life.

“Yes I haven’t been in the front row as usual but I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and in addition film is a collaborative art form meaning i haven’t left my modelling career,” clarified Calvin.

Calvin has worked as a photogenic and a runway model and was also nominated at the previous Zimbabwe Models Awards.

Back to his acting career Calvin stated that 2019 has started for him in a smooth way and it also reflects to him that his going to witness a number of positive things happening before the year ends. As he gave an example of him appearing in a feature film ‘Another Wedding,’ which will be premiere on DSTV.

“2019 started well and its promising to be a good year for me, I have been working on a number of productions, which I cannot disclose at the moment but my main project will be, ‘Another Wedding,’ which will be premiering on DSTV channel 160 anytime soon,” he said.

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