Youth Organisation After City Council’s Properties.

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Youth Organisation After City Council’s Properties.

Youths Organisation After City Council’s Properties.

By CtO Banks

A youth organisation in Zim is currently gun blazing at City Council’s properties, they are after City Of Chitungwiza in particular, but they are saying they urge all City Council’s in Zimbabwe to give youths buildings and land which is currently unused.

The organisation says they want to start recreational activities and create employment for youths per say, than to see buildings rot unused.

“We, the young people of Zimbabwe, are convinced that youth mainstreaming brings added value and effectiveness to the National Development and Economic Transformation,” said Sir Tinashe Nyagunzu the founding President of Young People’s Program Zimbabwe Youth Association and the Provincial Youth Chairperson in Youth Development and Humanitarian Work Sector.


He added that in order to achieve the goals and the purpose of the National Youth Policy, and that young people can support participating administration and the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation on implementing young people’s commitments in various sector in all spheres of the society, as recognized by section (20) and (b) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“We are calling the Council of Chitungwiza and every city council in Zimbabwe to avail at least 20% of the unused and underused white elephant buildings to the young people for community based programs. We challenge every city council to consider young people’s ideas and young people are requesting an active society, especially on our public properties rather than watching our properties deteriorating whilst we do not have employment/places for recreation, so we want to use these facilities to sustain young active generation, create employment and generate income to upgrade our modern standard of living. We are coming for these facilities with high interest and we are hungry to bring life to these buildings and earn a living from it,” he said.

They say they guarantee to make sure, without hesitation that all the unused and underused buildings are operating without fail.
Youth voice is a first step on laying the Youth Developmental frame-work for future youth participation in activities throughout all the spheres of society. As addressed by the Mr. President E.D Mnangagwa that ‘The voice of people is the voice of GOD’. So this voice, our government should consider with due regards as the voice of GOD. They would like to hear what they thought about the youth developmental framework and how they could change it to make a better nation. They are particularly interested in their perspective on how the youth expressed themselves on the National Development Agendas.

As a result, we reach recommendations in the following Areas to be dealt with correspondence in our Youth Developmental Framework agenda 2020-2025;
1) Overview the National Youth Policy Initiatives and Centers of Excellence should be our top issue, As outline by section (20) and (C)
2) In order to enable youths to contribute to the TRANSITIONAL STABILISATION PROGRAMME (REFORMS AGENDA over October 2018 – December 2020) “Towards a prosperous & empowered upper middle-income society by 2030” we call-out young people of Zimbabwe, participating groups, partners and stakeholders for co-operation and the ministerial executive structures to support youth development towards converting unused and underused buildings into youth community care centres on the benefits of harnessing effective youth participation for total development and economic transformation. We believe that keeping youths active in research and developmental programs will provide a platform for quality dialogue, and will lead to more opportunities for sustainable employment through the creation of youth community care centres.
3) We call upon all media and digital actors to acknowledge their social responsibility and influence, and their resulting accountability, by increasing the visibility of stories about young people, their opinions and views with particular attention to every young person.

“We, the young people of Zimbabwe, challenge the City Council of Chitungwiza and all the city councils in Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Ministry of Local Governance and Public services and the participating administration to consider the above recommendations containing the perspectives of young generation, as a declaration to assure total development and economic transformation. We promise a follow-up towards the inclusion and implementation of the Youth Developmental Framework. We ask the Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation Hon. Minister Kirsty Coventry to bring these recommendations to the attention of the Ministerial Executive structures, participating administration, every city council around the nation and Partners for Co-operation, as the responsibilities for the Youth Development programmes is laid to the youth’s hands and are responsible for the coordination of youth affairs and shall oversee the implementation of the National Youth Policy. The Ministry, our ministry should realize and take into consideration the above recommendations through its Youth Development and Empowerment Departments.
True effective development is marked by high levels of youth participation, not just as developers but as economic emancipators to give directions.”

” Whenever youths have a voice, the voice that is heard should be acted and visible and is the capacitor to one of permanent change and continuous growth.
If youths played an essential role to liberate Zimbabwe from colonialism, racism and all forms of domination and oppression in the time of imperialism, so we declare to play the same role on liberating Zimbabwe from poverty and domination.”

Youth voice is an ideal in our communities and we desire to our hearts;
A safe place to go to have fun and safely
good educational system.

“Fair treatment both in our communities and in schools
More jobs for teens
Activities for youth
Opportunity for all youth to participate in sports, art, recreation and culture programs
No racism, either due to tribalism or religious.
Everyone should listen to each other
Clean and sustainable involvement.” he said.

Efforts to reach the City Council of Chitungwiza for a comment were fruitless as their phones went unanswered. But we (Insider263Mag), shall keep gathering information upon this matter.


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