Full Episode Of MAC Interview With Hillzy

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March 25, 2019
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Full Episode Of MAC Interview With Hillzy



Full Episode Of MAC Interview With Hillzy

Make A Change Interviews (MACinterviews), is new Twitter thread were we interview local stars as they share with us their highs and lows and how they can help budding stars and the youths as we fight drug, sexual abuse and other social ills.

The MACInterviews started on the 15th of February 2019, and they interviewed Freeman HKD Boss. Since the start of it they have interviewed other artists like Noble Stylez, Jay C, Takefizzo, Little Dizzie from Nigerian, Boss LifeZim, Mariachi, Brythreesixty and now they have the ‘Muroora’ hit maker Hillzy.

The MAC interviews are co owned by Marlvern @MarlvernAddy  and Senator Tudza @Tudzaa

The first quarter of the interview was conducted by Marlvern (@MarlvernAddy).

Marlvern Addy

Marlvern: “It feels special to be hosting the ladies’ top demand. Introduce yourself Hillzy to these special kings and queens.?”

Hillzy : “Well, I’m Hillzy – part time RnB/Hip Hop artist & producer, born and bred in Harare and kumusha ndekuNyazura”

Marlvern: “Great Mr Hillzy rekuberekwa naro zita munonzani and how old are you,?”

Hillzy : “Hilary Chipunza and I’m 24.”

Marlvern: “Cool. Hillzy when i hear your name the first thing which comes into my mind is ‘MUROORA!,’ that jam bro tell me how did u come up with that?, was it a real life story?,”

Hillzy: “So I got a call this other day, from @DjChrxn and he was suggesting that, I add more Shona elements in my sound. The call ended at 10pm and I sat on my laptop. Played the main chords and just started adding elements to it. By 12am I was done with the beat, 3am I was done writing lyrics.”
“By 6am the vocals were done and by 9am I sent it to radio, its probably the hardest i have ever worked on a track.”

Marlvern: “Wow, kinda interesting who would believe that masterpiece was done in hours.

Your sound is very unique where do u get that from?. Who influences your music?.”

Hillzy: “I can say the 2008/2009 era of Hip Hop & RnB. That’s what inspired me from singing in a church choir and actually trying to record a self composed song.”

Marlvern: “You make the hottest love songs ever, l was listening to ‘Tv Room’, its so lekker, l think you and @exqwizit04 (ExQ), can givethe next big banger.”

“Hillzy what are you doing in terms of globalising your art and brand?.”

Hillzy: “We spoke of it a while back, tried to reach out again but these guys are extremely busy I guess. I’ve been game.”

“Globalizing my brand, l work on my sound and beat production to level up track by track. I run my self-funded ads and for now they are doing well.”

Marlvern: Okay, l know some humble big shots who can put in big deliveries, do something with @JayCActor1 and @Brythreesixty.”

“How does it feels to be famous how z the treatment pabasa ne mumaraini (at work and the social communitues) ?.

Hillzy: “As long as I vibe with the track and it makes sense at a marketing and business perspective I can collabo with anyone. Business comes first.”

The interview below was now being conducted by Queen Mikka (@MikkaJay)


Mikka: “A while ago l saw a video of ‘You Are Enough’, with an Empawa tag can you tell us more about that ?.

Hillzy: “Friends suggested that I give it a shot & I was a bit nervous to do so. I was too busy to make something at that time so I decided to submit ‘You Are Enough’. Mr Eazi then came to Cape Town and called me personally to let me know it was a relevant and powerful song that needed legit visuals.”

Mikka: “Wow!, the song is really inspiring l must say, no guy is worth your tears ladies know what you deserve!, The man himself said it!.”

“So tell us, most of your songs are love related, is there a special someone ?.”

Hillzy: “My tracks are based on my life/conversations I have with people and sometimes out of pure imagination.
My relationship status is taken.”

Mikka: “Girls you heard it he is “Taken”.
So which church do you go to?, You mentioned that you were in the church choir ?.”

Hillzy: “Im an Anglican, l went to St Faiths Mission, form 1 to form 6 and we were the Scripture Union boys.”

Mikka: “So you mentioned that this is a part-time thing so what do you do full time ?.

Hillzy: “I’m an iOS & Android Developer,”

Mikka: “l don’t know much about that but sounds cool!,
So should we expect some new music this year?, Are you working on anything ?.”

Hillzy: “Expect singles definitely and hopefully an EP. Im always working.”

Mikka: “Any features on the EP?.”

Hillzy: “Dont wanna reveal a lot but ‘TV Room’ and ‘Keys’ are in there. There is going to be 3 to 4 featuring artists.”

Mikka: “What about the people who would want to work with you, how can they get in touch with you ?.”

Hillzy: “hchipunza@gmail.cm -> send me your bio and your profiles so that l see numbers. The concept as well, it has to relate to me.”

Mikka: “Well, you heard the man.
So lastly if you were to go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self, say the 16year old you ?.”

Hillzy: “Consistency is the key.”

Oh well, there you have it, thats the full Hillzy interview, more interviews are to come, and we shall compile all of them.

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