One On One With Radiance Acapella Group

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One On One With Radiance Acapella Group

One On One With Radiance Acapella Group

By Victoria Marmo

So as promised, I had an interview with one of the most sort after male acapella group, Radiance Acapella.
Radiance Acapella is an Adventsist male acapella group originally from Gweru with 10 singing members . Strictly Acappella’s Victoria Marimo (VM) caught up with Tinashe Muyedzenga (TM) who is the director of the group to discuss about the upcoming album titled Heaven.

V.M : Tinashe can you start by giving us a brief background of the group Radiance Acapella.
T.M : Radiance started as a mixed group in 2013 .Im not one of the original members.The founder is Nyasha Mukandabvute .While singing , the group recruited more people and as time went on the group had more males than females so it ended up as a male group. We have 10 singing members and 3 management members.

V.M : How many album do you have to your name now?
T.M : We have 3 albums namely Anotonhodza, I Believe , It’s Going Far and currently we are working on our fouth album titled Heaven.

V.M : Speaking about the much awaited album, what can we expect?
T.M : The album is going to have 15-17 tracks , rinenge riri dambarefu chairo (he chuckles).We are going to launch it first in Namibia on the 4th of May and in Zimbabwe on the 1st of June.We are still yet to decide the venue for the launch in Zimbabwe.

V.M : …more about the album. …
T.M : The album is about the christian journey as we live on earth.Its all about the second coming of Jesus Christ as the climax of our journey thats why its titled Heaven. Tese tinoda kuenda kudenga so the album has songs on how to live the christian life getting ready for heaven.

V.M :Your singing guys is flawless, people want to know , how do you recruit members in your group?
T.M : Normally we take people we already know who have a passion for music however, we do hold auditions . Sometimes when we see potential we approach the person but some people approach us to join the group then we audition them.

V.M : So Tinashe, what is your favourite song from all the Radiance songs?
T.M : Thats a difficult question Vicky (he laughs ) ummm hahahahah, i think its Be Still.

V.M : What can we expect from Radiance Acapella in the future?
T.M : More music , more powerful music. Its going to change, its going to be more mature and it will definitely be better.We hope to cover more ground , not just confined to Africa but our music is going to reach places , its going to be worldwide.

V.M :It was nice chatting with you Tinashe, God bless your ministry.
T.M : Thank you too Vicky for having me.–SLVaXBCNzwEs_Jx5xbA4Gg7oFmIzfMEYrN44xvKM2Eym2D7JMDQWw57wyO5Or0rT5r8tB-41suvs9DiIb-dzrx7DdTdxf7teV0DGb6F8mehF6Omg

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