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McHeaven’s New Single ‘Zvaunoda’ Review.

McHeaven’s New Single ‘Zvaunoda’ Review.

By CtO Banks

Samuel Muneri is a 4.2 student at Midlands State University currently studying Geography and Environmental Studies. He is also an artist, rapper to be precise, he is known by the name McHeaven.

McHeaven has just released his brand new track titled ‘Zvaunoda‘ (What You Need), The single was produced by Ocean Beats, and was recorded by McHeaven himself at his home studio.

‘Zvaunoda’, naturally says it all and in this case, it’s about a relationship which started from dust, in which both partners played a role to lift each other up, and to build their own empire. But in the end since the guy didn’t have it all the girl started drifting apart from the guy because of what other guys out in the world had. She got swallowed by the love for money, materials, lust, the cars, jewellery, all the fancy things you can think of. So now since the girl is drifting away and the guy is feeling lonely, all he can say is I guess ‘ndizvo zvaunoda,’ (that’s all you want).

“I got inspired by a couple of heart-broken stories. Almost everyone in the world has been heart-broken for different reasons which means a lot of people can actually relate to this song,” said McHeaven.

“Expect an EP this year. I have been working on a few tracks which I’m probably going to compile and make an EP.”

“I love this track cause its my first time singing in ChiShona and I really vibe to it,” he added.

To download or stream this track visit the link below

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