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Victoria Marimo

Music is one of the most effective means of impressing spiritual truth upon the heart.Education pg 168.”Rightly employed, it is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and noble themes, to inspire and elevate the soul.”

I was in bed just thinking about life and things around me.Early this week , I had a chat with Pilgrims Music’s Phillip Machokoto. We had a deep conversation where he told me their upcoming album was inspired by the death of his brother Patrick.Just a week after launching their album , Patrick was murdered in Sunningdale. He was just like one of us , just like you and me but unexpectedly, he left us . Phillip then wrote the song Pazvinoperera which is the title track for their upcoming album. He explained to me that Pazvinoperera, Mwari ndipo pavanotangira.We may suffer in this world and go through all the pain but God will someday come take us to heaven.

That brought me to the song written by Radiance Acapella’s Kudakwashe Muyedzenga ,Heaven someday which is on their upcoming album to be launched in May.I listened to the song in bed while trying to sleep .It got so deep I had to wake up and pray again , asking and asking God to be in heaven with him when all things end.The lyrics read …. I can’t wait to hear the trumpet sound calling us home beyond the clouds , I’ll be in heaven someday, I’ll walk down the streets of gold , I cant wait to taste the tree of life .I’ll be in heaven someday, I’ll sing with angels and sit next to Christ the blessed One…..
Listening to the song , it was God talking to me .Its God talking to us.God is giving us assurance in this song , one day we will be in heaven , we’ll sing with angels , every sorrow will be gone and we’ll be with Christ.

Amour Music’s Kudenga Kwakanaka written by Kudakwashe Munda articulately describes how beautiful heaven is…..kudenga kwakanaka, hakuna matambudzo , Jesu ndiye mambo , tichandogara naye. Who wouldn’t want to go to such a beautiful place !!!! The song also highlights that Jesus is calling us to repent while we can so that when He comes to take His chosen , we’ll be there also.

I want to be there , i need to be in heaven. So what should I do? Ndiregererei by Firm Faith answered my question.I need to have a good relationship with God . In the song, the writer cries to God because of his sinful nature that continuosly leads him away from God, pleading to God to forgive him.The lyrics read….Baba ndiri mwana wenyu , nyangwe ndakatadza.Ndinochema mberi kwenyu mundiregerere , munoziva kusasimba kwangu ndotya kurasika….

This is how music has touched my life and there is no doubt it has touched a lot of people’s lives helping them cope with the pressures of life.To music groups , you may not be getting any money out of this but let there be greater satisfaction in knowing that your music has helped to uplift many, so that they may here on earth enjoy a little heavenly bliss ,but far better is the eternal reward for all who serve faithfully.

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