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Victoria Marimo

So as a Public Relations (PR) professional, I have been getting calls from music directors asking me the best way or ways to promote an album which is due to be released.

This had me thinking, you can be a great musician or a great group but you can’t be a marketer and a Public Relations Officer ( PRO) at the same time! This is something most adventist music groups do not know .In as much as gospel music is about spreading the word of God , we can still do that in a more professional way. Hiring a PRO to do the media aspect of your music is a good start.You can have one who does your PR work on a part time basis for instance when you want to launch your album.

The most important of all is PROMOTE YOUR ALBUM ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Many people underestimate the power of mainstream media since the advent of social media but one thing is for sure , people trust information on mainstream media compared to social media. A quick advice ….do not hesitate to approach media organisations for interviews.This is were a PRO comes in handy since they are already in in the media industry , they can easily hook you up with media organisations.

One of the best ways that i recommend when promoting an album before launching is sampling some of your songs at concerts or even church programs . This way people will know the songs and will look forward to the real deal once you have launched your album.This also encourages them to come to the launch.

Music promotion is important before releasing an album because it gets your fans prepared for the album.You should not start promoting your album a few weeks before launching , take your time.Do it a few months before launching. One thing to note is keeping your fans hooked up but NEVER ,i repeat NEVER pre – empty what you are going to deliver on the day of the launch otherwise there will be nothing to look forward to.

Another way to promote your album before launching is by recording short clips of a few songs you are going to feature on the album. Put the clips on social media not forgetting to tag everyone who is involved in the production and distribution of your music.This way people will know you songs but will not be able to get the original songs up until the day of the album launch.They will definitely come to your launch and they will definitely sing along since they’re already familiar with the songs.

Releasing a single before the album launch is another way to promote an album. However, a couple of things are to be considered here.Get music critics whom you trust and let them help you choose a suitable song.You can get some intrest generated and this will keep people hooked up.

Social media is another important tool when promoting an album. Promote on your website, Twitter , Instagram, YouTube you name it all.One thing i have noticed though is many groups do not have website and twitter accounts.These are really essential in this digital era . Also do not forget giveaways so that you attract people to your pages.

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