Majestic Valley Models Plead For Support

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May 7, 2019
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Majestic Valley Models Plead For Support



By Tapiwa Rubaya
Victoria Falls is one of the most visited towns in Zimbabwe as it’s a tourist resort area.

However there are number of developments that are needed in Victoria Falls,in order to empower the youths of the town.

Sharks Nova aka Thanduxolo Ndlovu  is a radio personality at Breeze Fm a radio station in Victoria  Falls,he host a drive time show popularly known as the Cool of Drive with Sharks Nova in addition his a fashion stylist.

He told insider Mag,that one of the main developments that is needed in the tourist attracted town that will assist in empowering the youth is the development in the modelling industry.

“Modelling in the might Victoria Falls is a career that needs some serious attention from both  models and training agencies as well as academic modelling.

“We have so many young boys and girls who have all it takes to become models but they are afraid of going to seek the help of professionals for now professionals have turned into touchable divas,”he said.

He further stated out that the town is able to continue producing talented models who will be able to represent the country international.

Turning on the other side where male models have faced various criticism leading then to step away from the industry.

Some of the critics include the modelling industry not being considered as professional career.

“In Zimbabwe we have a lot of things that we go through as male models from both families and our community at our homes they want me to focus at another  professional career.Yet modelling also is a career.

“I don’t think that it’s a sin or a crime to be a smart  guy who has a great taste,a sense of fashion and love of fabric,”he said.


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