Rapper Looses Girl To Besty

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May 7, 2019
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Rapper Looses Girl To Besty

Rapper Looses Girl To Besty

By CtO Banks

Rapper Shafiq who used to go by the name Yung Ice from Harare lost his longtime girlfriend to her so called “besty.”

In most social circles people, well guys mostly debate or do not support a girl or their girlfriends having a guy/ male bestfriend or besty as they call them nowadays.

Most men say they will never trust their girlfriend’s best friend as long as he is a man.

Shafiq lost his long time girlfriend to the guy he used to send to go fetch his girlfriend when he couldn’t reach her.

Shafiq says he had given his girl the phone she was using and when he found out she was cheating he decided to take back the phone, and then his girlfriend went to her besty’s house and told her what had transpired and the besty started belittling Shafiq and mocking him over a conversation they had on WhatsApp.

He added that they (his ex girlfriend now and the besty) keep posting pictures together.

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