Former ZIFM Resident  DJ Finds A New Home In SA

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Former ZIFM Resident  DJ Finds A New Home In SA

Former ZIFM Resident  DJ Finds A New Home In SA


By Rubaya Tapiwa


Started as a hobby and now its his professional job.
DJ VJ Tudza aka Thulani Shawn is well-known as a former residential DJ at Zifm currently his now a residential Dj at 5 Fm,one of the most air listened radio station in South Africa.In an interview with Insider Mag, Tudza explains how he managed to be part of the SA 5fm radio in addition he explains the response that he has received from his fans in SA.

TR:Dj Tudza where does the name Tudza derives from?
TD:DJ Tudza is Thulani Shawn Dube a Disc/Video Jockey who was born and raised in Chitungwiza. The name Tudza came frm my name Thulani which my family members and friends used as a shortcut.

TR:Take us to your background in the industry of being a Disc Joker?
TD: It all started when I was in primary school, at my home we used to have a radio that could play cassettes and Vinyl records.
Whenever I was alone at home (being naughty of cause [laughing ]).
I used to play with the vinyl records scratching them (laughing).
From that point that’s when I realised that I wanted to be a DJ. It all makes sense that I was really into spinning because as a minor ,I was passive when it comes to sports unlike what other kids usually do when they are young.. by the time I reached grade 7, I already had a library of cassettes that I used to record from CDs that I would get from my uncles.

TR:Last time we heard from you,back home you were a guest at Power FM as a disc Joker and while others it was during
Zi FM…
TD:I was actually part of the Zi fm mixmasters which started as a mixing competition and I won’t, earning me a friday slot which was hosted by Tony G.
Which led me to be part of Zifm mixmasters I used to co-Djs DJ Fetstyles and Taka Bee.I also worked with Miss Red and TK from Zifm, for a few months as a resident DJ for their breakfast mix show.
In 2014 I left Zim for SA to pursue my studies, but whenever I came back over the holidays, I would participate in ZiFM’s ‘Club Zi’ which was hosted by the late HD.

Currently I am a resident mix DJ for the Saturday turn up show which is hosted by DJ Eltee from 9-12 pm and my mix starts at 10 pm .
As for Power FM, I remember back then doing a mix for DJ Chilli’s lunch show whereby people used to rate mixes from different DJs.
Going back to when I started radio, Zi FM in particular, the atmosphere was crazy because I was coming from the ghetto, and I was the first DJ from Chitungwiza to play on Zifm.
It opened a lot of doors for me for I started getting a lot of gigs in Chi-town, weddings , gigs in town and fame of cause was part of the package.

TR:Since you left Zimbabwe you continued in your passion of becoming a DJ,you have been a guest DJ at 5Fm:
TD:On 5FM I’m a mix DJ as well, I do mix sets for a weekend show called ‘Starting from Scratch’ which also features some big names in SA Disc Jocking industry like DJ Switch, Ms Cosmo etc.
I received my 1st invite by the show host Ryan the DJ who actually listened to one of my mix set and was impressed with my style ,which lead him to invite me as a guest which later turned on me being a regular on the show cause every month I feature on the show.
At 5fm I’m an open format DJ, meaning that I can do a mix with multiple genre for instance I can blend rock, pop, dancehall, Reggae,House all in one mix.
And when it comes to my first time on 5Fm, the response was overwhelming.
People inboxed and followed me on my social media platforms telling me how unique my set was,even Ryan he admitted that ever since he started the show he has never had a DJ who could blend different genres as I did.
In addition being part of 5fm ,is a huge achievement, and it also gives me confidence that I can I achieve more in my career’ journey because at first it was just a dream that one day I would want to be associated with a station of that kind of magnitude.

TR:Besides being a regular guest Dj at 5fm do you disc jock in some pubs in SA if so which ones?
TD:When I left Zim for SA my focus was much more on my academics, because of that I tried a lot to avoid Disc Joking in clubs although, I spined a few times in places like ‘Tijuca’ which is in ‘Bruma JHB, Serengeti in Rosettenvile and club Yolo in Petoria.
I used to participate mostly in University shows. But now since I’m done with school and also having 5fm as my exposure tool, I have recently started to engage with other club DJs and owners to get some gigs.

TR:What are the major difference between sounds of music played in SA clubs and Zim clubs?
TD:The main major difference will be of the genres, played however the vibe or energy is more or less the same.
In SA , the mostly played genres in clubs are House and
Hip hop while back home dancehall , reggae and a range of variety are still dominating.

TR:Besides climbing the ladder in your career as a Dj you went further with your studies congratulations on your graduation. TD:Thanks a lot,I studied BA in Communication Design at the University of Johannesburg in JHB SA.

TR:What’s next for your brand. ?
TD:Branching into television for I also do video mixing,hence I’m also know as VJ Tudza.When I talk about television, I mean networks like MTV, Trace etv.


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