Captain Million Ft Natasha Muz – Dzimwe Nguva Review

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July 6, 2019
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Captain Million Ft Natasha Muz – Dzimwe Nguva Review

Captain Million Ft Natasha Muz – Dzimwe Nguva Review

By CtoBanks aka Chócólâté_Pâpí

Milton Chihuri is an upcoming rapper coming from the streets of Harare, he goes by the moniker Captain Milton.

Captain Milton has just recently released his new single titled ‘Dzimwe Nguva,’ and it is featuring the madly talented Natasha Muz who reigns from the streets of Chitungwiza.

‘Dzimwe Nguva’, (the new single) is a hip hop track which has some RnB melodies too. It talks about a sad love story whereby a guy was did wrong by his girlfriend, the girl did one, too many mistakes to the extent that the guy got fed up, but now the guy has had enough and he is calling it off.

The girl is apologizing and is begging for a second chance but the is saying he can’t take it anymore.

The track was recorded at Mula Nation by BleqBoy. Captain Million promises more work in the future, and he says he is available to work with anyone from any genre.

To download or listen to the track visit the link below

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