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By Rubaya Tapiwa

Located in Victoria Falls aka the Capital of Zimbabwe’s Tourism is the fast growing radio station,Breeze Fm which is a home to one of the most prominent Radio DJ,Jonathan Sibanda aka Dj Jvan.

Dj Jvan is wellknown for being part of artists and DJs who headline,international and local spring festival shows.In an interaction with Jvan he tells us about his career as a DJ in Breeze Fm and he further updates us about his spring calendar.

Find out which shows he will be headlining this spring.

Breeze Fm is one of the most fast growing radio stations in Zimbabwe,broadcasting from Zimbabwe’s Tourism Capital aka Victoria Falls.

Q: Jonathan aka DJ Jvan thank you for your time. You play a big role as a radio presenter at Breeze Fm which is to entertain both locals and Tourist as your radio station is situated in a tourism resort area?

A: As Breeze FM, we refer to ourselves as ‘The Leaders of New School Radio’ and basically, that’s how I look at myself. A leader and a game changer.

Who knew that one day each corner and town will have its own mouthpiece, that there are more entertainers, opinion leaders and musicians than the few we grew up listening to.

It is a blessing, to know I’m part of something uniquely fresh, symbolising a new beginning for the arts industry of an entire nation.

Q: How has your journey been since you became part of Breeze Fm?

A:Dude I wish you knew.Humbling, Exciting, Sometimes Confusing  but extremely educational.

I have been tested for strength and believe I continue to gain in that aspect.

So initially I came in to do a musical show, specifically EDM, POP & Rock vibes, then I did night shows (Nightcrawlers) which is where I got to really learn and find to  tune myself as an entertainer. I now produce #TQR, a midmorning show which I co-present with Ms Cass.

Q: Every weekend you host a programme on Breeze FM91.2, “#Chartrockers Top 20” . Can you tell us more about the programme and why it has gained more followers  since it was launched?

A: Chartrockers is a chart show that has introduced a lot of previously unknown artists from Vic Falls and around, to the world.

The show however does not limit the playlist to immediate locals as it also allows competition from the rest of the country.

I guess for local artists , it’s a space to sort of get national recognition whilst for artists from the rest of Zimbabwe it’s a way to penetrate Vic Falls market, hence the interest and growth of the Show nationally.

The show has other segments, International Charts, Artist Interviews and of course the #OfficialPartyStarter Dj Live mixes between 1-2pm where I get people in the weekend mood with a live mix or have a guest Dj for a set.

Q:Jonathan you are from the City of Kings and Queens but currently you migrated to the Majestic Valley of Vic Falls. What do you love about your new home are?

A : Yes, Lobengula West is  my hood ko Bulawayo.I  love my City .

However, Vic Falls has that refreshing atmosphere.  A place can be refreshingly cultural yet sometimes exotic.

It’s really hard to explain. What I also love about Victoria Falls are  the residents, they are very warm and friendly, I guess it comes with the territory , Tourism Capital.

Q:One might wonder how did you manage to adapt to the new Environment?

A:Trust me it wasn’t easy, my issue I guess is the size,smaller place -fewer people ,you just have to get used to seeing the same faces everywhere everytime.It feels kind of intrusive.

Q: Besides being a radio DJ, you also take part in events as a Dj one of those include Mapopoma Festival  last year and the recent Econet Victoria Falls Marathon this year. Your performance have always been appreciated by the public. One might wonder what’s is your secret?

A : If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret (laughing).

However let me say, when you go out there just do what you do to the best of your ability. Whatever your style of play stick to it, read the crowd and do your thing. Don’t overthink, just have fun while you at it.

Q: How do you know this is the type of Jam that will keep people in the dance floor?

A: Intuition I guess……. Something every dj needs.

Q: Jonathan how do you manage your diary with such a career?

A: It can be tricky, but honestly, I’m not as busy as I wish I could be.

I actually do mixes fortnightly (#JvanOnFireMixes) which I share with the public via my social media pages so as to give people a taste of what I do so as to get more bookings. So yes we are doing great, managing well but looking to grow.

Here is a link to my latest mix https://www.mixcloud.com/jvan/dj-jvan-onfiremix-9/

Q: Currently what are your most favourite artists?

A: Eish this is really tough one for me. My favourite change every hour, depending on my mood and I’m a chameleon like that. Let me just highlight a few local artists, whose music I enjoy  and think Zimbabwe should give a listen.


2:Briz Sox

3:Dj Ace Karter & Rasboom

4:Making Ginger aka Mathew Ginger

5: Lee Machoney; 6:Smokey P ;7: Mandie Mae ;8 Sleekstar

9 Muffia King ;10) Macmaine Muzie aka Lil Muzie ; 11) Flying Bantu

Q:: Lastly Spring is already upon us, which festivals/events will you taking part?

9A : There is a lot going on this summer, most of which is yet to be confirmed. Summer Colour Festival (Livingstone,  Zambia) .  I’m also organising the Vic Falls leg of a Cancer Awareness Gig with Dj MduSevan who has been doing those for the past 3 YEARS IN Bulawayo. The idea is to take the campaign gigs nationwide with different host Djs in every town as a movement. I will definitely fill you in on this one once the ground is set.

CurrebtlyI have embarked on a new journey, TV presenting. As I speak we have done shooting for a documentary titled, ‘Many Wonders Of Mosi Oa Tunya’.

The show focuses on all aspects of tourism that make Victoria Falls the hub of Zimbabwe Tourism.

Q:I hope I will borrow some of your time to learn how to do 1s and 2s before the festivals come

A:Feel Free King, Holla when you in town we do it the Vic Falls Way…………..


Jonathan “Dj Jvan” Sibanda is a Zimbabwean radio Presenter and Producer, Dj, Voice-Over artist and Master of Ceremonies also known as ‘The Baddest Dj’. He is best known for presenting the shows Chartrockers Top 20 and The Quest Reloaded on Breeze FM 91.2 a radio station based in Victoria Falls.

With a 15 year old Djing career that started from live gigs, he is known for his good music selection and diverse programming ranging from trending  entertainment news, social issues, relationship issues , and in-depth interviews with celebrities, including Oliver Mutukudzi and Jah Prayzah to name a few.

Dj Jvan is also a qualified marketer with a LCCI Level 3 Diploma. He is a creative communicator as evidenced by the catchy names to his shows e.g. Chartrockers that has gotten the attention of artists and listeners from all over the country. He is the creative behind the Breeze FM tag line “Feel the Breeze”.

Born in Bulawayo in 1988 and raised by his mother, Dj Jvan attended schools around Matabeleland and lived in Bulawayo and Harare which brought about his ability to be diverse because of his diverse socialization. He grew a passion for music and entertainment at a tender age and at 16 started his disc jockey career penetrating the industry and subsequently graduating from just playing music to Master of Ceremonies by 2014 which led to him joining Breeze FM in 2016.

Facebook Jonathan Jvan Sibanda

Instagram & Twitter @JvanSibanda

Youtube @JvanDj


2019         Miss Valentines (Victoria Falls)

Master of Ceremony

Miss Valentines (Victoria Falls)

Master of Ceremony

2018 Miss Tourism Mat North Finals

Master of Ceremony

Econet Mat North Brand Ambassador Awards


Mapopoma Festival

Headline DJ

2017  Miss Valentines (Victoria Falls)

Master of Ceremony

Back to the Porters Hand Gospel Concert Harvest House

Master of Ceremony

Club Nitrus – Resident Deejay and Co-entertainment Manager

Highlights – Host artist shows for Dj Stavo, Ammara Brown, Ex Q, Sanii Makhalima, Xtra-Large, Selmour Mtukudzi, Sniper Storm, Sandra Ndebele, Tocky vibez, Cal_Vin and many more.

Breeze Fm Chart rockers Battle of the Number Ones – Event Organiser

{An event designed to push local music and artists in and around Victoria Falls, Hwange}

Blankets and Wine – Deejay

{Monthly event hosted at Alliance Francaise}

Livingstone Colour Festival (Zambia)

Headline Dj

2016 Umahlekisa Comedy Club – MC and Organiser

Highlights – Hosting comedians like Carl Joshua Ncube, Ntando VanMoyo, Clive Chigubu, etc

Joined Breeze Fm 91.2 – Deejay

Shows – Night crawlers (Tuesday to Friday Midnight to 0500hours) as well as Chart rockers Top 20 Count down (Saturday 1000hours to 1400hours)

Victoria Falls Jameson Carnival – Deejay

Highlights – Opening Pool Party at Shoestrings Lodge.


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