Bilaail Talks About His Single ‘Painkiller’ Which Features Unknown

September 10, 2019
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January 20, 2020
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Bilaail Talks About His Single ‘Painkiller’ Which Features Unknown

Bilaail Talks About His Single ‘Painkiller’ Which Features Unknown.

By CtO Banks aka Chócólâté_Pâpí

Bulawayo born rapper and lyricist Bilaail real name Bilaail Mususa had some few minutes to spare and he spoke to me about his single track which is titled ‘Painkiller.’


The track features a female singer which goes by the moniker ‘Unknown‘, yes her stage name is Unknown!!!. What a unique name right?. Her real is Nonsikelelo Zikhali.


Painkiller was produced by T Lion from Black Snow Music, but the beat was originally done by J. Cole on ‘Once An Addict.’

To what inspired the track Bilaail said “In the core of the society, lies the true nature of humanity. That deep and sad sadism, conflict and self hate. Lack of individualism, cloned mentality, the mental defeat of our true self.

Basically the song is driven and motivated by different walks of life,
CTO bro you know we are going through hardships as a nation and there are some activities that seem to be roaming around the system and as an artist I have listened. People are tired and for me to vent in, l use music as a painkiller to heal those bruises.
Though we facing challenges, you know you got that one song that start up your day and get motivated to be a winner and go through all obstacles, Yeah that’s the power of positive music that reflect back to the society.
Its not just connecting words and have a smooth rhythm, I speak life in these words and try by all means to paint a vivid vision for every Zimbabwean walking down the street, listening from their homes, car radios or workplaces or even down to school kids who got bigger dreams.”

“And most of the people seem not to understand some of my lyrics and I thought of sharing the meaning behind them.

When l said, “You caught me off guard when I was chilling next to a villain that ‘puff n passing” different stories”

You know man coming from the hood, watching my peers in that corner smoking and drinking, one time I found myself sited next to them. They were talking real life situations “puff n passing” different stories in a sense that one puffs out his story and pass the opportunity to the other, the circle goes on and on and those kind of people are described as thugs, thieves and uneducated but those very same people inspire my works”, he added.

I had an opportunity to talk to Unknown and asked her about the name, the inspiration and how was like working with Bilaail.

“He came with the idea and l fell in love with it instantly, no questions asked.
Well l found it unique like giving people a hard time figuring out if its actually my stage name or its just really unkown so l found it unique.
Working with Bilaail was lovely he’s a very cool fun guy to work with we worked on his rap and he did quite well with the few notes we threw at him with our producer. The song is a serious matter and a relatable song but it was quite fun making it and being on it.

The song was officially launched on air by Miss Tee and Bra Khesa at Khulumani Fm 95.0.

To download or listen to the track visit the link below

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