Top 7 Things To Look Out For At Upcoming Changamire Festival Awards

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January 17, 2020
January 22, 2020
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Top 7 Things To Look Out For At Upcoming Changamire Festival Awards

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Top 7 Things To Look Out For At Upcoming Changamire Festival Awards

The glamorous Red Carpet Formal Dresses and Heels Event slated for Wednesday 29 January this month end @DreamsNightLife (ex Sankayi) from 7pm til Midnight in Harare will be celebrating its 5th anniversary and here is the Top 7 things to look out for ……

1. 30 accolades will be awarded to the best urban artists /socialites / dancers / models / companies who have helped to uplift the Urban/Hip Hop Culture in the Year 2019

2. Local Perfomances & Appearances from Mainstream Artists,Djs ,Dancers and Sociliates ( T Gonz / Kikky Badass /King 98 / Ammara Brown / Selekta Base / Raydiz / Crooger / Coco WeAfrica / Tashamiswa /Alchemy /Yellow China / Nazira / Stunner / Natasha Muz / Elpee Dual Choreography / Magnetic Force Twins /Flip Floppers and so many more )

3. A Great organised set up and Deco to be done by Events Hub and Dreams management ( Red Capert , Banners ,Great Sound , Stage Set , Lighting , Vip and Guest areas ,Security , hostesses and so much more )

4. A minimum of literary 100 models (Girls) from various Modeling agencies coming specifically to just grace the red carpet , look pretty then mix & mingle with all guests so as a line up of top Zimbabwe big spenders poping bottles all Night

5. The Hosts of The Ceremony will be Star FM’s sensation *KVG* who will be co hosting with Gweru’s finest From 98.4 FM *The Careless Mc* who is better known for his other split personality in another world As *Legion* who has countless hit songs to date

6. The main perfomance will be coming from An International Artist *Mic Burner* who is a top mainstream Urban artist from Zambia ,Lusaka.The Thought Of You Hitmaker is ranked as one of the best artists to be produced by Zambia (Look him up on youtube & Instagram if you have not seen his works before )

7. Whats not to miss is the final act of the Night *The Best Freestyle Cage Match* last year T Gonz & Stunner went head to head with each other and as tradition the crowd will get to choose the best female freestyle Artist live on stage and for the first time in Zim hip Hop We will crown the Queen of Freestyle with 6 female artists participating Tashamiswa ,Natasha Muz , Slinx , Phreshy , Kikky Badass & Blaq Diva Quin going limp for limp in 3 rounds were 2 artists will be knocked out in Each round until the final 2 remain *The Crowd will be the judges*

Be sure to attend this year’s awards as many surprises are in stock just to entertain everyone for a good 5 Hour Program Midweek !!!

Tickets Will be Out on Monday 27 January ,pre tickets will be $10usd for 3 and at the Gate it will be $5usd per head

Accreditation will be done from Monday 27 January At Gotcha Nyama Joina City until day of the awards for all nominees / models / perfoming artists / media houses / security etc plus free tickets for all changamire associates

Those who need to meet organisers of the event can come to Gotcha Nyama at 5pm Monday 20 January and also 5pm Monday 27 January

If you have not seen the 2020 nominees list you can find it on Our Facebook & Instagram pages @changamirehiphopfestival

Those who want to be part of The 5th anniversary Can Contact The Director :

Tafadzwa “ Zimboy” Jackson
Whatsapp +263775161555


For more info @Insider263Mag

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