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Tapiwanashe Rubaya

Othello Moyo aka Mangoma is well-known for being a talented drummer.

He is one of the artists in Zimbabwe who are well-known for performing in international stages, however with the Covid 19 pandemic having  affected everyone, shows had to be postponed.

In an interview with,Mangoma he  shares with us ways that he is using to reach out to his fans international as he can’t perform live.

Also he informs us about his journey, of his career.

TR:When did your passion as a drummer arose?

OM: After watching Austin Tholo drumming at school back in 2001.

TR: Many people are of the view that traditional drums are manly associated with African Tradition religion and they should not be used in mix with western instruments . whats your view towards that point?

OM:  I agree with them because our traditional drum can’t be separated from its spirituality but I disagree that they shouldn’t be mixed with Western instrument. I think when fusing 2 musical cultures we should bring out the important components of both music cultures so the spirituality is an element that can’t be eliminated when fusing traditional African music with any music culture.

TR:Can you tell us do you import your drums from another country?

OM:No. I am a drum builder and I use mostly Ngoma/Ngungu and Djembe on stage and I build them.

TR: If you don’t import them. If you are the one who manufactures them tell us what type of material do you use to design the drum?

OM:Drums are different and require different types of material but the primary are wood and skin. I also use ropes, metal, bolt and nuts. For Zimbabwean Ngoma/Ingungu I use only wood and cow hide.

TR:You are prominently known for being an international artist as you perform across the globe.

Due to covid 19 and lockdowns you are not able to travel how has that affected your career?

OM:As last year ended and this year started I was contacted by festivals, venues, and people who wanted to work with me as a solo artist and with my band Music According to Percussion(MAP). I was supposed to go and play, teach and collaborate in countries that include Zambia, Nigeria, England, Germany, France, USA, Norway, Italy and India and all were confirmed but now because of the pandemic been put on hold.

TR Had you scheduled any event during this lockdown if so which are they?

OM:Yes , I had scheduled a couple of events

– Talent Explorer in Nguboyenja (TEN) was supposed to be on the 10th and 11th of April.

– the launch of my  Traditional Mbira and Ngoma/Ingungu album in April.

– a musical video shoot for one of MAP’s songs which we had scheduled for end of March

TR: During the lockdown what ways are you using to connect with your fans?

OM:Recording and uploading clips from home. Uploading content that I had not uploaded before.

TR:After the lockdown and when the covid 19 is over what is next for you as a brand?

OM:The lockdown has given me a lot of time to reflect and practice more. Even economists are showing us the uncertainty of some things but God willing I hope to finish the traditional music album

– I have also learnt about the importance of a stronger online presence and would love to leverage more on internet, advertising and more online engagement.

– Shoot videos,

– our MAP rehearsals had been put on hold, I would love to go back to shape,

– do community work in both Bulawayo and Harare.

– I also need more study of the Mbira, Ngoma and traditional Singing styles in rural areas.



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