Stunner And Mudiwa Hood At It Again

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May 14, 2020
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Stunner And Mudiwa Hood At It Again



Stunner And Mudiwa Hood At It Again

By CtO Banks

Long time rivals Mudiwa Hood and Stunner of Tazzoita Cash Records are at it again. The “it” am talking about is they are back on each other’s necks, (l dont mean it literally).

It all started when they went live on social media for the episode of Gara Mumba Iwe and things really went south real quick. The was amazing though and it had a huge reception from the fans, as they clocked 15 000 viewers.

Mudiwa Hood and Stunner at the Gara Mumba Iwe Show

The feud resurrected during the show when Mudiwa experienced some poor quality sound during his performance and he accused Stunner of sabotaging him, it later on escalated when it went from being about music to clothes, cars and money.

Few days after the show Mudiwa Hood went on to release a diss track titled ‘Mwana WaMambo NdiMambo,’ Stunner also came back with a reply titled ‘Vaita Vana Ava’.

I have to admit both of these “diss tracks” are fun and entertaining, l really can’t take anything away from the both of them.

Stunner and Mudiwa Hood at the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2017

Is this the road to having Zim Hip Hop back as a top genre in Zimbabwe? Few weeks ago we were keeping up with Noble Styles and Gze Resilince other Zim Hip Hop artists who were dissing each other.

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