10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Glam Awards

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Glam Awards

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Glam Awards

By CtO Banks aka Chócóláté_Pápí

With the 2020 Annual Prime Time Glam Awards Approaching, live online which will be presented by SkyLake Borehole Drilling, here are 10 things you might not know about the biggest youth Award show in Zimbabwe.

1) The Glam Awards were initially rejected 16 times by the Midlands State University on the basis that it would devide students and create pseudo class structures that would devide the school in May 2015 prompting the organisers to abandon the University partnership and Going solo. The Midlands State University Glam Awards were only launched a year later after the sold out launch dinner at Pote Hill Hotel.

2) The Glam Awards Are strictly a youth Award show with an age limit of 14-30. However they have exception on 4 honorary awards which are confered at the ceremony and these are not age restricted. They are set to be launched in Every University, High School, Polytechnic and College in Zimbabwe by Nov 2021.

CalVin the well known Bulawayo Rapper is the first Hip Hop Honorary Award recipient at The Glam Awards.

Rapper CalVin walks up to receive his honorary award.

3) The Glam Awards went under a troublesome journey in 2019 after issues rose with USA based Glamour Magazine over copyright issues. The organisers then shortened to The Glam Awards instead of the Known The Glamour Awards since the Magazine Claimed to host, Glamour Awards for Women.

Ray Vines posses for a photo at the awards

4) In 2017 The Glam Awards were entirely a women show and had a woman Chief Executive Officer after the then CEO had resigned from the show to focus on his University Studies and other projects.

Yayha Goodvibes and Ray Vines

5) Despite the sold out show in 2017, The Glam Awards incured a heavy loss at the Msu Glam Awards in Zvishavane, resulting in the arrest of the Director of the show Albert Takudzwa Chigiya due to default in payment of The Venue, Mine Club Hall in Zvishavane as well as the lighting team. This was due to the fact that the show was underfunded and had to lean on its main Sponsor Pro Plastics Zimbabwe and ticket sales for the running of the show.

The Glam Awards director takes a selfie with Min. Of Finance Hon. Mthuli Ncube

6) Did you know that under The Glam Awards Budget and Constitution, The Director and Founder of The Glam Awards, Albert Takudzwa Chigiya is entitled to a monthly allowance, a fully funded premium medical aid and a shuttle services to ferry him to wherever desired with a 600km radius.

Albert with Garry and Hillzy

7) Most of your favourite young superstars of Zimbabwe including Takura, Garry Mapanzure, Ray Vines, Kikky BadA$$, Ric Chasers and the popular blog ZimCelebs all have previously won an award at the Glam Awards in 2018 held in Gweru.

Decibel the popular urban grooves legend is a premium sponsor of the 2020 Glam Awards.

Decibel the popular urban grooves legend is a premium sponsor of the 2020 Glam Awards.8) Gweru in one of the local cities along with Bulawayo, Harare, Zvishavane and Mutare to host the Youth Award show. In 2018 bad weather heavily affected the Youth Award Show attendance at Roman Catholic Hall in the City of Gweru recording only 394 audiences but high earnings due to sponsorships and Mayoral interventions.

Zimbabwe Hip Hop artist Meech Laflare based in the USA is a 2020 Glam Awards perfomer.

Zimbabwe Hip Hop artist Meech Laflare based in the USA is a 2020 Glam Awards perfomer.9) Zvishavane is the only City to host the Youth Award show twice in a row with a sold out arena. This is due to the presence of the Midlands State University in the city also this is where it was launched in May 2017. Also Garry Mapanzure and Hillzy leads with the most Nominations at the 2020 show sparking a huge controversy among the youth as it is well known fact that they are friends with the Director of the show.

Yayha & Albert

10) The Founder and Current Director of the Show Albert Takudzwa Chigiya has resigned twice from the youth award show appointing interim directors due to school and a fall out with the audience of the show because of his “Tough Love Approach”. In an interview with Ya FM, Mr Chigiya said he does not take advice from people who dont fund the show because “the show is not run by saliva” prompting a backlash from the audience causing him to abdicate his throne returning in 2018 to run the show as it was hosted in his home town in Gweru. The Director has been accused in the past of having high ties in the government which was defended by his team on the basis that as a youth leader he was mandated to engage with every sector that has to do with the youth whether religious, economic or political. In 2018, the show was offered the sum of 1.8 million Rand by Halls, a sweets manufacturing company in South Africa in which the Director turned down on the basis that with hard work and focus they can make 1.8R in a year if they wanted to.

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