Cal Vin Disses Stunner Back On ‘TaliBars Freestyle.’

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Cal Vin Disses Stunner Back On ‘TaliBars Freestyle.’

Cal Vin Disses Stunner Back On ‘TaliBars Freestyle.’

By CtO Banks aka Chócóláté_Pápí

Bulawayo’s Cal Vin has responded to an allegedly diss which came from Stunner a few weeks back.


Just soon after he had fully recuperated, Stunner went in the studio and recorded a track which is titled ‘Ndakarosva Rufu’ (l cheated on death). The song talks about many controversial issues but amongst it is when he, (Stunner), said “Cal Vin stop complaining ever since you released that Luveve Boy track you have been scarce.”

This did not sit well with Cal Vin who has decided to reply Stunner with the track Talibars. On the track Cal Vin said he, (Stunner) is an og but now he is acting like an amateur, and when God brought Stunner back as he cheated death, he forgot to bring his career back with him.


Cal Vin went on to say Stunner is just name dropping for attention.
Is this the birth of a new Zim Hip Hop beef?, well, for now l don’t know let’s just wait and see.

Cal Vin also said he is working on a project title Osama Vin Laden and it may drop any time from now.

To get Cal Vin’s reply to Stunner visit the link below

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