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August 26, 2020
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After couple of months battling with diabetes at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo. 22 year old Bilaail Mususa and Bulawayo based underated hip hop lyricist finally came out of the egg shell and not so many people, especially artists open up about their health life.

But with Bilaail, music and diabetes is a whole new scale to balance and despite all the ups and down, the rapper said, he is using his condition as his major source of inspiration to proceed with his Godly gift.

In an interview with Insider263 Magazine, Bilaail said “When i was recently diagnosed with diabetes l nearly gave up on everything that i ever dreamt of, lying on that hospital bed, hopeless hearing screams every night.

That phase questioned my thoughts about my time left on this earth.
I spent 5 days in an Intensive Care Unity(ICU) and God knows how i survived that, what l realized is that, a hospital is a mental slave prison, it’s a fight between your self conscious against the cooked environment set for you to digest.
One thing you have to master is to have a strong will to push through every obstacle. If you become mentally weak, the forces of pain and trauma will surely haunt you.
During my days in there, friends, families came through for me and that was way beyond love because it was more than that and it made me question my purpose.

With the love, support and care l got from those individuals, I thought it will be fair enough for me to give back that same energy with what i love doing the most.
I started writing music in B5 bed number 29
And when i was discharged, the studio was my first date and went on to educate my brothers about my experience in hopes they will have a conscious mind in every toxic or non toxic decisions they might have because knowing your health is very important and as black communities we tend to ignore that and think health checks are meant for a white culture.

I am grateful for those who stood by me and had sleepless nights praying every day for me and i will love to encourage everyone in different walks of life to never give up on your dreams dispite all the obstacles life throws at you.


I have personally made peace with my condition and accepted that. People will talk that’s one thing for sure, but don’t let their talk define you, keep a positive circle and live a normal life.”

Thank you for your patience, been a journey.

When asked about his new project, he said
“There you have it, Those so called uneducated, unemployed street boys, victim of the system who have a vision, goals and big dreams. Bilaail’s pen assembles a gap between our society and the day to day reality that may and believe will change humanity perspective towards each other.”

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