Double Jae Da Lyricist On Matters Of Black Lives

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October 2, 2020
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October 5, 2020
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Double Jae Da Lyricist On Matters Of Black Lives

Double Jae Da Lyricist On Matters Of Black Lives

This couldn’t have been released at another better time than when the world is celebrating and acknowledging the lives of black lives
and though its mostly because of the racism in North America this song by Double Jae Da Lyricist called American has set a stage
for us Africans, specifically Zimbabweans to reflect how this outcry protest of black lives matter affects us too as black degradation,
and segregation is also at its worst in our country amongst ourselves with black on black racism as the rapper illustrates how still psychologically
we are enslaved with the white supremacy mentality that don’t see how our own colour has value or place in the world of prosperity as every good thing
is subjected to being whitish and the dark to blacks.

This is a worth to listen to and converse amongst ourselves and also to debate on to what extent
is this accusation true though in the sense of the so called “American Dream” the whole world is at a victimized state in thinking America is the land of dreams.

The rapper then on the outro of the song says something about how he also failed with working with blacks or with a black label which might be both a pan of a literal and
metaphorical as speculations of him no longer working with Monkey Business as its been over a year since he released anything under that label and this song isn’t credited to the label.

If you have any insight of the meaning of this statement please do share


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