Bryan K Talks More About ‘Bibo Worldwide’ The Album.

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Bryan K Talks More About ‘Bibo Worldwide’ The Album.

Bryan K Talks More About ‘Bibo Worldwide’ The Album.

By CtO Banks aka Chócóláté_Pápí

Bryan K is taking it back to where it all began!, where?, you might ask?.

Hold on to that question because it’s the question he answers through his new body of work, an album titled BiBo Worldwide. BiBo is a childhood nickname Bryan K grew up with in Chinhoyi, which he fully embraces on this album as a metaphor for raw and pure expression of who he is.

BiBo Worldwide is a double album with 17 tracks. This project has a clear message of unity plus the celebration and projection of our version of the story to the world.
Sonically the album has that rich African soul bundled up in the many sounds and influences Bryan K grew up listening to, and it added up to make up the artist he is.

BiBo Worldwide has songs whose production process started as far back as 5years ago, it’s no doubt this is his best work yet.

The album features Crooger, Nutty O, Anita Jaxson, Tamy Moyo ,MoT (Micasa SA) ,Simba Tagz & Jnr Brown.

Bryan K wears the ‘main producer’ cap on this project with help from many different producers like Rodney Beats, Logxndidthat, Leekay, Brian Soko and Mutual Friendz Entertainment on Wakanda Love.
It was mixed by Level 8 in the UK and Audius Mtawarira in Australia.

Energy ft Tamy Moyo and Wakanda Love ft Simba Tags are the tracks which are currently doing well on local radio stations,” said Bryan K.

His album is available on all online Platforms, Itunes, Spotify etc . It’s also on his YouTubeBryanKVevo”.

To get the album visit the link below

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