Garry Mapanzure Is Skating On Love Waves In New Song ‘Ndianifuna.’

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Garry Mapanzure Is Skating On Love Waves In New Song ‘Ndianifuna.’

Garry Mapanzure Is Skating On Love Waves In New Song ‘Ndianifuna.’

By CtO Banks aka Chócóláté_Pápí

IT looks like the talented contemporary vibes cool crooner Garry Mapanzure is set to release yet another video for his latest offering Ndianifuna (certificate of excellence). The video for the lovely love jam set to be released on the 27th of November (today), was shot in the United Kingdom, where Garry is currently staying.

The video comes against the successful backdrop of his EP Sushi season The first which saw hits such as Pindirai, Nditaurireiwo and more garnering a considerable number of views online.


The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of tours, festivals, promotional trips and studio sessions, and in the midst of this, musicians have taken to their Instagram Live and other social media platforms to virtually entertain their fans.

Garry has taken the time to perfect his art and Ndianifuna is looking like it will be a surprise package just like his forthcoming album which reportedly has a few features on the cards. Garry certainly loves the surprise element.

Ndianifuna means l love you in Venda the video was directed by Jeremiah Maps and the track was produced by Tony Kay.

“The inspiration came from seeing couples that are settled and enjoying the vibes around and in love. So I came up with the idea of a guy giving a lady a certificate of excellence as a token of appreciation to the lady because they have done well in loving them right,” said Garry Mapanzure.

To watch the video visit the link below

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